Stephanie L. Mcjury

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

Stephanie L. Mcjury is a kind, optimistic, and trustworthy hospitality professional. She surrounds herself with passionate individuals about their profession and values human connection. A love of travel and hospitality has allowed Mcjury to develop emotionally and professionally.

Mcjury has been a volunteer at Arlington National Cemetery for almost ten years, laying wreaths throughout the holiday season. Mcjury co-leads the Niagara Falls University alumni association's Washington National Capitol Chapter and has volunteered with Honor Flight Network, Inc. for eleven years. As a volunteer at Arlington National Cemetery, she commemorates veterans' service by welcoming them home.

Job Competencies

Mcjury excels in organizing volunteer teams, contract negotiations, budgeting, and event planning. She can:
Make an event materialize by skillfully negotiating with several suppliers.

As a hospitality leader, build volunteer teams and train them as required.

Keeping event expenditures under budget requires planning and execution.

Find folks who want to volunteer, lead, or plan an event.

Her disposition is open, and she is always ready to provide leadership advice or answers. As an event planner, she knows how important it is to acquire trust.

Academic Qualifications
Her degree is in Event and Meeting Management from Niagara University. As a Certified Meeting Professional, she works towards the Events Industry Council's CMP designation. To develop her talents, Mcjury looks for chances to learn. Since she values education, she is involved with her old university's alumni club.

As a Senior Meetings Coordinator for NCURA, Stephanie L. Mcjury has been with the organization since 2009. In 2019, she became the Director of Meetings & Conferences. From 2009 to 2011, she worked in Washington, D.C., as a Meetings Coordinator and Assistant. The NCURA alumna is proud of her achievements and realizes that success takes effort. After years of knowing the industry and taking on promotions when they came up, a director.

Private Life
Stephanie L. Mcjury is dedicated to assisting people in her own life. Ms. Mcjury has volunteered at SOME, So Others May Eat in Washington, D.C., and donated to the Andy and Jordan Dalton

 Foundation. She is happiest when she is assisting others and building relationships. Mr. Mcjury is a big fan of youngsters and donates to charitable causes. So she volunteers with organizations like SOME.

She loves to run and is constantly searching for new physical challenges. She values her health and has been active since childhood. It's no surprise that she's a professional cheerleader. Healthy living is essential to Mcjury, as it allows him to live a more positive and authentic life. She can concentrate better on the complex components of her work when she gets enough jogging in.

Mcjury used to coach young soccer. Two Marine Corps Marathons, eight half-marathons, and several 5k, 10k, and 10-mile events later, she enjoys running military-themed events to commemorate those who have served.

Mcjury understands the value of honesty, transparency, and listening. The event planner pulls together teams to get the task done. Her ebullient demeanor is a breath of fresh air.

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